Colony Olivenhain was established in 1884 by a group of German-speaking immigrants. About 10 years later, the members of Colony Olivenhain built the Olivenhain Meeting Hall

The Olivenhain Town Council is a not-for-profit corporation formed to hold and preserve the Olivenhain Meeting Hall and property.  The objective of the Olivenhain Town Council is:

To protect and preserve the rural atmosphere
that we have inherited from those before us.

Membership is open to any resident or property owner of Olivenhain.  Membership is $25 per year per family which pays for the monthly newsletter and contributes to maintenance of the Olivenhain Meeting Hall and grounds. Members receive 6 newsletters each year.  For more information regarding joining, please go to the Membership page.

Check out the Introduction to Olivenhain.  Olivenhain has had some interesting history.  After reading our introduction, we hope you’ll want to know more. 

The book Colony Olivenhain by Richard Bumann contains much more information on the history of Olivenhain.  Book sales, along with special events and fundraising activities, support the preservation of the Meeting Hall and grounds.

Several committees handle special projects for the Olivenhain Town Council. Check out the Building & Grounds, City Watch Task Force, and Community Events pages.

The Olivenhain Town Council publishes a newsletter 6 times per year. See the Newsletter Archive for past newsletters. (Note:  Prior to July/August 2014, the OTC Newsletter was published 10-12 times a year.)